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منح دراسية في ألمانيا

منح دراسية ماجستير و بكالوريوس في الإعلام، إدارة الاتصالات والتصميم و صناعة الافلام في جامعة ماكروميديا للإعلام والاتصالات في ألمانيا
Whether you’re interested in becoming a Journalist, Designer, Media Manager, or Filmmaker and want to have a practical study at the largest private media university in Germany,
you can apply now until September 25, 2013 for a spot and a scholarship at campus Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Hamburg or Berlin. A few places are still available
Media shapes our present social phenomenon like no other. At the MHMK, Macromedia University for Media and Communication, future journalists, designers, media managers or filmmakers learn not only to work interdisciplinary and internationally with multimedia, but also to understand and think about each media channel in its creative, social and economic dimensions. Can future media professionals can choose between the bachelor’s degree programmes:
·         Film and Television.
·         Journalism.
·         Media and Communication Design.
·         Media Management.
With a total of 20 fields of study plus the English-language bachelor programmes of Media and Communication Management and Media and Communication Design and the modular master programmes Journalism and Open Media and the English-language Master programmes Media and Communication Management and Media and Design.
The bachelor’s programme lasts seven semesters at MHMK, including one practical semester and a semester abroad, with the master programmes lasting four semesters. Students gain industry specific practical know-how at MHMK from the first semester of teaching through projects in cooperation with companies. Students of Media Management and Media and Communication Design go for a fully integrated in the curriculum semester abroad at one of currently 13 international partner universities of MHMK on all five continents through the 5CU network.
After the official deadline passes on August 15, prospective students have six more weeks to submit until the late deadline on September 25 at the campus of their choice. All that’s needed depending on the study is to create an application portfolio and attend an aptitude test and a personal interview Crucial for student placement are not only grades, but also motivation and talent, as the MHMK wants to convey technical and methodological skills as well as promote the personal and creative development of its students.
Excellent and highly talented applicants for a field of study can apply for a scholarship. The MHMK has expanded again their scholarship programme in 2013, including around 40 excellence and talent scholarships. Prospective students and current students can apply for scholarships in fields such as Film, Sports Journalism, or even for the Thomas Heinrich Scholarship. In the awarding of scholarships, three aspects overall are considered: grades, personal aptitude and social commitment. For excellence scholarships very good and above average grades are crucial. In talent scholarships, artistic and creative aptitude is key. For more information about scholarships see www.mhmk-international.org/scholarships
What courses of study and which fields of study at which campus will be offered when: www.mhmk-international.org/waswo
Interested parties can learn more about Germany’s largest media university and the study offer information on more events, dates see at MHMK, Macromedia University from here